Hospital Cash Back Plan (DAY-AID)

Continue living well while you focus on getting well.

What would happen to your family should you ever be hospitalised? Do you have any personal hospital insurance that can cover your living expenses should something like this happen to you?

The DAY-AID Hospital Cash Back Plan is designed to guard against the financial pressures you may face when you are hospitalised. The money from the DAY-AID Hospital Cash Back Plan can be spent however you desire as personal living expenses insurance. DAY-AID is completely separate from a medical aid plan or typical hospital insurance and it shouldn't be used in place of either.

Features and benefits

Should you be hospitalised for three consecutive days or more, the DAY-AID Hospital Cash Back Plan will pay out a lump sum for each day you’re admitted. It provides necessary income to help you cover your household and living expenses while you focus on getting healthy.

Daily Hospital Benefit

Provided that you are hospitalised for a period of more than three consecutive days, the Daily Hospital Benefit will pay out an amount from day one onwards for each full day hospitalised as a resident in-patient.

Compulsory additional benefits are:

  • Money-Back Benefit – should the plan be active for five consecutive years at the time of payout and all 60 premiums for that period have been received, the policyholder will get a lump sum of up to 20% of premiums paid after every five years.

  • Accidental Death Benefit – in the event of accidental death before the age of 75 the benefit pays a lump sum of R50,000 to the main insured or the main insured’s partner if applicable.

  • Accidental Disability Benefit – in the event of accidental disability before the age of 65, the Accidental Disability Benefit pays out a lump sum of R50,000.

  • Public Transport Accident Benefit – should the insured pass away or become disabled in an accident whilst using public transport as a paying passenger, an additional R10,000 will be paid to the insured.

Please note: The DAY-AID Hospital Cash Back Plan is not medical aid and shouldn't be substituted for one.