Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation protects your employees and your business.

Hollard Botswana offers comprehensive Workers’ Compensation Insurance to cover your employees against work-related accidents, in compliance with legislated requirements.

The following employees can benefit from Hollard Workers’ Compensation:

  • Permanent workers
  • Apprentices, probationers and trainees
  • Voluntary workers
  • Independent workers

Employee benefits include cover for the following:

  • A work accident that causes injury or disease to the worker, whilst at work
  • Accidents that occur while transporting workers to or from the work place provided the transport vehicle belongs to the business
  • In certain cases accidents that occur outside of work hours may be covered, especially if the workers are to reside at the workplace

As business owner, you have the option of full or partial cover. Either option would fulfil your legislated requirement as an employer.

Hollard Botswana will compensate the insured in the following events:

  • Disability and death
  • Temporary or partial disability
  • Permanent disability

Stipulated pension payouts and employee benefits will be provided to the insured, or the insured’s spouse – provided the resulting widowhood continues. Under special circumstances we will adjust pension payouts should the degree of disability change drastically after the pension has been set up.

Policy terms and conditions apply.